Graphic eyes, electric shadow and glossy lips

If you’re keen to break free of your ‘coat of mascara, smidge of blush’ routine, you’re in luck. Current make-up trends are encouraging us to play with colour and express ourselves differently, using bold strokes and electric colours.

The youthful, cruelty-free make-up brand 3INA is leading the way, offering high impact eye-shadows and precision tools to start playing with your look. Here, makeup artist and 3INA Watergardens manager Jess gives us the lowdown on how to recreate this season’s most playful looks.

The Colourful Lid

This trend is all about being bright and confident. Shocking orange or electric blue hues are a popular choice at the moment, worn hyper pigmented on the lid and blended out towards the brow. Leave the intense colour to your lash line, then fade it out until so that it’s barely there by the time it hits your brow bone.

Jess’s tips:
- use an eye primer first to ensure the powder sticks and doesn’t crack or fall off during the day
- pack the colour onto the lid first, then use a big fluffy brush to blend out the excess product
- if you have a smaller lid, add shimmer to the centre of your lid, or inner-most corner of your eye to make the look pop

The Graphic Eye

Forget the cat eye flick – create drama with graphic lines that defy convention. Jess encourages experimenting and seeing what works with your eye shape – “it’s about getting creative so there are no rules.” Whether you want to trace sharp angles, draw multiple lines, or dot your lids, the choice is yours.

Jess’s tips:
- find somewhere steady to lean your elbow to perfect your penmanship
- if you’re nervous, start with a lighter coloured pencil then trace over
- use the right tools to aid your strokes (3INA offers an eyeliner tracing guide free with purchase. There’s also the Dot Pen eyeliner with a circle tip to give you perfect dotty eye.)

The Glossy Lid

There’s something especially youthful and fresh about a glossy lid. Jess has no doubt this ‘popular on Instagram’ trend works in real life too. “It’s so easy to wear,” she says. “If you’re a little scared, you can literally just pop it on bare eyelids with no colours and see how you go.” 3INA’s eyelid gloss comes in four shades, from clear to pink, and doubles as a lip gloss.

The Shiny Lip

Lip gloss is back! This time around, the formulas are just as glossy but nowhere near as sticky (flashback to all those times your hair got stuck on your lips). Pair it with a glossy eyelid for an impactful look or wear it with just about anything else. 3INA’s Lip Vinyls are long lasting, silky and come in a variety of shades stretching from neutrals to deeper berries.