4 tips for getting back into routine after the break

After the merriment and mental switch-off of the festive season and school break, even the most organised person can find it challenging to get back into a regular rhythm. There are a few things you can do to get back on track with your work, wellness and family routine sooner rather than later though. Here are four tried-and-tested steps to consider, which might even give you ideas for some new habits that will lead to greater success in 2019.

Prioritise your sleep pattern

Holidays have a way of throwing our body clocks out of sync, but you need to be well-rested if you are to tackle the new year with vigour and enthusiasm. Aside from gradually getting kids back onto an early bedtime regime, you might consider bringing some air-cleansing plants into your sleeping space and banning blue light-emitting devices after a certain time. There’s also much to be said for quality pillows (try Beds n Dreams), breathable sleepwear (stop by Cotton On Body) and herbal tea for encouraging optimum slumber. If you regularly struggle to drift off, Chemist Warehouse stocks a range of natural sleep aids and a visit to Body & Balance Massage could well be in order.

Clear physical and mental clutter

Spending 15 minutes per day on decluttering a different space or cupboard can help you feel more organised and in control without having to give over Sunday mornings to tidying your entire home. Check out Spotlight for attractive storage solutions and pick up a copy of Marie Kondo’s decluttering bible The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying at Dymocks if you need tips. Another way to keep your mind clear and your emotional energy balanced is to set rules for yourself such as ‘I will read at least three pages of a book unrelated to my job each day’ or ‘I will practice deep breathing before I get up each morning’. Few activities beat the ancient practice of yoga when it comes to stress relief, and all you need to get started is an exercise mat from Target or Rebel Sport.

Find a to-do list format that works for you

Whether you love the bullet journal method, swear by the Pomodoro Technique or favour the Eisenhower Box system, any productivity nerd will tell you that spending 10 or more minutes at the end of each day mapping out the following one can end up saving you hours. Typo stocks an extensive range of diaries, planners and laptop folios for storing your to-do lists in style. Self-tracking apps such as Moment and RescueTime can tell you how much time you’re losing to particular apps and websites so you can alter your digital habits if necessary. And a pair of decent noise-cancelling headphones from JB Hi-Fi could be just what you need to polish off that big work project or life admin task. Another of the ways to stay positive and committed to your routine is to recap (mentally or in written notes) your key achievements or victories for the day.

Get back to basics with wellness

Getting back into your fitness regime can be the hardest part of returning from holiday but you’re better off taking it slow and rebuilding your endurance gradually than risking injury by giving it 110 per cent in your first gym session back. For example, start with a brisk walk after dinner rather than a 10km run at 6am, or opt for a Body Balance class rather than an intensive CXWorx cycling session. If you’re looking to make some new health commitments in 2019, Good Life Health Club offers a free five-day trial. While you might think you don’t have enough time or energy in your week for exercising, research shows that routine exercise improves your energy level in the long-term in addition to benefitting your attention span and mental clarity. Investing in some slick fitness kit (a Strandbags duffle perhaps) could get you inspired for your fitness endeavours, while keeping fresh fruit from San Andres close at hand is a better way to keep up your energy through the day than resorting to leftover Christmas chocolates. Scheduling in a few fun activities, such as a family ride along the Taylors Lakes Trail or a heart-pumping game of laser tag at ZONE Bowling, can help to combat the post-holiday blues too.