Celebrate Australia Day with these true-blue foods

Fire up the barbie and slap on some thongs – Australia Day is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start planning your celebrations.

Whether you’re throwing a typical Aussie backyard BBQ or having a relaxed picnic with friends, Australia Day is a chance to let your hair down, get outdoors, soak up some sun and recognise all that is great about living in this beautiful country of ours.

Whatever your plans for the day, no celebration is complete without food. That’s why we’re shining the light on five true-blue classics to help ensure that you have a happy, and delicious, Australia Day.


Undoubtedly up there as one of Australia’s favourite things to throw on the barbecue, the humble snag has long been an Australia Day crowd-pleaser. Keep it simple with a straight-up beef banger, put on the ritz with a fancier pork and fennel option, or chat to the team at Lindens Fresh Meats or Quality Cut Halal Meats about snagging a mixed bag of their finest.


We all know that Aussies don’t ‘throw shrimp on the barbie’, but we have to admit that fresh prawns and the Australian summer go together like Vegemite and toast. There are plenty of ways to enjoy prawns and they always add a bit of wow factor to a family feast. Try grilling whole prawns on the barbecue, put together a classic prawn cocktail or serve cooked prawns chilled on ice with a dipping sauce of your choice. Stock up at Woolworths.


Hugely popular both here and in New Zealand, there has long been debate between Aussies and Kiwis about who actually invented the pav. Named in honour of Russian prima ballerina Anna Pavlova (who visited Australia and New Zealand in the 1920s), this delicate dessert has become an emblem of Aussie culinary culture. Go all out and bake your own or buy shells from the supermarket, fill with whipped cream and top with plenty of summer fruits from San Andres (think mango, passionfruit, stone fruit and berries).


A sure-fire way to bring a smile to the faces of young and old, the lamington is a sweet treat that has endured for generations. There’s just something about that wonderful combination of soft sponge cake, sweet jam and nutty coconut that can’t be beat. No time to bake? Head to Watergardens Bakery for fresh-baked lamingtons and loads more. For something a little different, try the Lamington flavoured Brioche Delight from Bakers Delight, or Muffin Break's new Lamington Rough Muffin & the Lamington Hero Duffin from the Darrell Lea range. 

Create a new tradition

With one in four of Australia’s 23 million residents born overseas, multiculturalism plays an important role in the modern Australian identity, and there’s no better way to celebrate our country’s rich diversity than through food. We Aussies are some of the most adventurous eaters in the world – from spaghetti to saganaki, paratha to pho, we love to embrace tastes from around the globe. So, create your own culinary tradition this year – Australia Day is a chance to celebrate all the delicious flavours that make up the community around you.

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