How to make a DIY body scrub

Flowers are spilling from the earth, there’s that unmistakable scent of jasmine on the air, and the days are filled with sun, sun, sun. It’s spring – and that means shedding the extra layers of clothing.

But before you hop outdoors and expose your skin to the elements, it’s worth taking a moment to prime your skin with a little TLC. Between shampooing, shaving, nail clipping and moisturising, it’s easy to forget exfoliation in your body care routine. But buffing away dirt, pollution and dead cells is one of the most effective ways to help moisture reach the deeper layers of your skin. And in clearing out your clogged pores, exfoliation also diminishes your chances of getting outbreaks, ingrown hairs or blemishes.

To get you and your peachiest skin ready for the great outdoors, we’ve put together the perfect recipe for a beautiful body scrub that’s so simple, you can whip it up at home. This recipe will leave you with just over a cup of scrub, but if you need to make more, you can always multiply the ratios. Let’s get scrubbing!

You will need:
1 cup raw sugar
2 tsp dried rosemary
2 tbsp raw honey
¼ cup olive oil
15 drops per essential oil of your choosing
1 x 250 mL lidded jar
a small bowl
a spoon to mix

Step 1

They say a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down – and we’ve found that a cupful of sugar helps the epidermis shine! First, add the sugar and the dried rosemary to your mixing bowl.

Step 2
Add the raw honey – which has moisturising properties – and the olive oil and stir together. We recommend treating your skin to antioxidant, vitamin E and vitamin K-rich extra virgin olive oil.

Step 3
While you can really use whatever essential oils make your senses sing the most, we chose to finish off this recipe with a dash of zesty lemon essential oil, and a splash of soothing lavender essential oil. Whatever you choose, add 15 drops of each.

Step 4
Almost finished! Stir your scrub mixture or give it a good shake in a well-lidded glass jar. Your scrub is now ready to use

How to use your scrub
When in the bath or the shower, soften your skin with warm water, and slather on the scrub. Be sure to pay extra attention to your elbows, knees, heels and any other areas that get particularly dry. Rinse off, and enjoy the delightful sensation of your new baby-soft skin, buffed to perfection and ready to embrace the elements.