A Power Ranking of Aussie Icy Poles and Ice Creams

There are certain summer rituals that never change, regardless of the decade. Mornings or early evening dips (the middle of the day is too hot – no amount of slip, slop, slapping can lessen the pain of bare feet on scorching sand and concrete). The smell of onions on a BBQ. And, of course, the icy poles and ice creams you quickly devour on those sunny days – hopefully before they melt down your arm.

But which icy treats are worth stocking up on this summer? (Well, all of them really, but you only have so much freezer space.) We’ve got the definitive list.

10. Zooper Dooper
A favourite of school canteens, Zooper Doopers can be a divisive choice. Some have fond memories of those icy tubes, but others find their wacky flavours to be most uncouth. Do you fancy a Fairy Floss Force Field? Perhaps a Bubblegum Taser? For those who love the joy that only a rush of sugar can deliver, Zooper Doopers will always be a firm favourite.

9. Drumstick
A sophisticated classic! Being given – or gifted – your first ever Drumstick is quite a milestone. You truly know you’ve grown up when you appreciate the exquisite balance that makes it such a satisfying snack. The crisp and sturdy wafer! The sweet chocolate core! The creamy vanilla ice cream, topped with swirls of chocolate and crunchy nuts! A true marvel.

8. Bubble-O-Bill
The first thing that you need to understand about the Bubble-O-Bill is that there’s no point in trying to make sense of it. Who is Bill? Why is he a cowboy? Why does he look so sad? Is it because he has a large piece of bubble gum for a nose? Allegedly the ice cream is made up of chocolate, strawberry and caramel flavours, but these are nearly impossible to distinguish. Do not take this as a criticism though; the blend of creamy sweetness combines to make a new, powerful flavour which is rightfully iconic.

7. Splice
Did you know that the Splice was invented in the 1950s? By George, it was! When you think about it, it was quite a radical move for back then – combining an icy pole and an ice cream? Unthinkable! But it’s just crazy enough to work. The tang of the tropical fruit ice cuts through the richness of the vanilla ice cream perfectly, to make it more of a refreshing treat than your standard dairy number. The Splice proves that through experimentation, comes great genius.

6. Calippo
It was Queen who once proclaimed in 1989, “I want it all”. It’s unclear whether they were talking about a multi-coloured icy pole from Australia, but it wouldn’t come as a surprise. From the Raspberry/Pineapple swirl to the classic Lemon, the Calippo is a feat of engineering and deliciousness. What’s the only downside to eating icy poles (not including brain freeze)? Having it melt onto your hands; a sticky disaster. Ingeniously, Calippo eliminated this issue with its push-up, no stick design. Fantastic stuff.

5. Magnum Ego
A Magnum is an extremely tasty ice cream, that is certainly top twenty worthy. But the Magnum Ego? Well, that’s another ball game entirely. The premise is simple: take vanilla ice-cream, then engulf it in a chocolate casing. Then, cover that with rich, sticky caramel and another layer of hard chocolate. Exquisite. You could think of it as an indulgence but truly, you deserve it.

4. Weiss Bars
Let’s be real – this is the sophisticated older sibling of icy treats. An ice cream/icy pole hybrid, the Weiss Bar is a dense, yet elegant brick of fruit flavour and cream. Although the traditional combo is mango and vanilla, blackberry and vanilla has also proven itself to be a satisfying tart surprise. When you’re eating a Weiss Bar, it feels like you’ve made it.

3. Sunnyboy

An undisputed classic that is as Australian as rash tops, thongs and a Prime Minister who says we should have a national holiday for winning a yacht race. There’s something that feels very ‘90s about a Sunnyboy, but they've actually been around since the 1970s. There’s a simplicity to them that is very comforting: a block of ice in orange, raspberry or cola flavour that melts as you eat it, leaving you a pool of liquid sweetness to slurp down at the end. Bliss!

2. Rainbow Paddle Pop
Rainbow is the best Paddle Pop flavour. This is just true. Part of the reason why the Rainbow Paddle Pop is so alluring, is that for the longest time people could not seem to figure out what flavour it was – ‘rainbow’ isn't a flavour! Over time, the truth became clear. It was a caramel. It was caramel all along. Life was never the same.

1. Golden Gaytime
If there is anything in this world – this expansive, divisive and complicated world – that we can agree on, it’s that the Golden Gaytime is the best ice cream in Australia. Is there even cause to explain this? Fine, if we must. Firstly, it’s a genius combination: soft ripples of vanilla and toffee ice cream, coated by soft chocolate and irresistibly buttery cookie crumbs. Secondly, it introduced the word ‘Gaytime’ into the lexicon; a word that may not exist in the dictionary, but will forever reside in our hearts.

All hail, the Golden Gaytime!