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Experience pop-up food brands, hone your cooking skills in our workshops, relax at our cafe and try your hand at lawn bowls.


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Who's who at The Flavour Institute

Blonde Chilli

Since 2008, Blonde Chilli has brought you the finest chilli and hot sauces, spices, rubs, and highest quality chilli products from around the world. Ranging from DELICIOUSLY MILD to DANGEROUSLY WILD, there is something for every chilli palate. Explore our online stores and let Blonde Chilli ignite your taste buds today.


Drums Café was opened in 1996, located at the Queen Victoria Market in the heart of Melbourne, and provides Sri Lankan and Indian food. Over the past two decades we have been exposing Sri Lankan food to Australian’s and tourists from around the world, making Kothu Roti and Devilled chicken for everyone to discover and enjoy.

El Paletero

El Paletero - A Mexican cultural tradition whereby a Paleta (popsicle) vendor pushes a cart through the streets of Mexico distributing a variety of delicious handmade Paletas to the public.

Mexican Paletas are becoming an increasingly popular dessert on an international level due the quality of fresh and exotic ingredients used, and the Artesanal style in which they're prepared.

At El Paletero we're passionate about Paletas and endeavour to create wonderful and unique icecream experiences for our customers. Try one today and discover for yourself what all the fuss is about.

Food Symphony

Food Symphony is the brand of artisan food maker Kylie Padgham. With over 20 years hospitality and food experience, Kylie has worked for many large and small establishments.

Food Symphony is inspired by the tastes of customers from across Australia. Sourcing as much local produce as possible, Kylie’s handmade gourmet products range from Port Soaked Figs to dessert and savoury sauces, olives, chillies and preserved fruits. Her second label Luscious Larder expands on the range of fine products. Using high quality ingredients and without the addition of artificial colours, flavours, emulsifiers or preservatives the result is not only outstanding quality but also an outstanding taste.

Fury & Son Brewing Company

Gorilla Grill


Hofstra’s Hives

Honey Dee

A love for food set Bill on a food journey, giving rise to honey dee. Bill, is an accomplished chef with years of culinary experience who enjoys letting his imagination take over, especially when it comes to creating these small sweet delights, loukoumades, which have become his signature dish.

Staying close to tradition, honey dee Greek donuts are topped with honey, walnuts & cinnamon and are always a crowd pleaser. However – you can’t go past the carefully thought out pairing of flavours, that the team from Honey Dee meticulously put together. Flavour combinations like caramel with artisan salts, citrus blueberry cheesecake and lime and coconut are sure to leave you smiling for days on end.

Hop Nation

Hop Nation Brewing Co is a craft brewery in Melbourne, AUS started by winemaking friends Sam Hambour and Duncan Gibson. IN HOPS WE TRUST.

La Revolucion 

Serving Melbourne with the best Street Food with a Latin touch.


Levain is a Melbourne-based bakery specialising in handmade doughnuts. We pride ourselves in using only the best locally sourced ingredients in our products.

We are passionate about baking and pastries, and as a result of that we make some of the best doughnuts in Melbourne.

Loaded Gourmet Popcorn Chicken

Mini Indulgences

Refresher Truck

Always on the move to ensure you stay hydrated and feeling refreshed. #refreshertruck

Senor Churro

Traditional Argentinian Street Food Churros & Choripan


Frozen Cheesecake On A Stick • Loaded Waffles • Street Corn • Shakes • Coffee

Sweet Forbidden Journey

Sweet Forbidden Journey aims to bring old school sweets and childhood memories back to the streets of Melbourne.

With a range of products suitable for people with food allergies so gluten free, nut free, dairy free, egg free & vegan items are on offer.

The Pie Life

Tiramisu Lift Me Up

Serving our nonna's traditional Tiramisu' recipe with a modern twist.

Yo India

Born from our love of spice, bold flavors and a bit of Bollywood. It’s been quite a journey.

Yo India has officially been on the streets of Melbourne since 2014 under the cover of Big Cook Little Cook. Over the last two years, we’ve put a lot of heart, love and energy into creating the best food truck experience in town.

99th Monkey Nut Butter

99th Monkey’s exceptional nut butters are handmade in Melbourne, using all ethically sourced, minimally processed ingredients in the belief that delicious food should also be good for your health and good for your planet.

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